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Secure Home Page Sign-On
Ensuring the security of your personal information is important to us.   When you sign on to online banking services from our home page Sign-On Pad, your User ID and Password are secure.
This security is accomplished by encapsulating the sign-on information within a secure form.   As soon as you click the "Sign On" button, your User ID and Password are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, before the information is transmitted across the internet.  

Browser Security Indicators
While using Oneida Savings' online banking, you should be aware of the following common browser security indicators:
  • The gold padlock in the bottom right corner of the browser status bar,
  • The 's' within the protocol of the address bar (for example: 'https://').
  • These indicators show that the entire page you are viewing is secure and that information sent to and from the site is encrypted.   This prevents others from eavesdropping on your information.
    While these indicators will appear on all online banking-related pages, they do not appear on our home page.   In the interest of performance, only the Sign-On Pad portion of the home page is secured, as explained above.  

      Your access and use of this system is validated and protected using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and all communication to and from this system is encrypted for your security. Click on the VeriSign logo for more information.
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